Combi stoves from RIKA
Your benefits

The combi stove allows you to choose between heating with pellet or logs – with no need for conversion or changeover. You can therefore enjoy the advantages of both fuels in one stove. The benefits of both worlds in one stove, with RIKA quality. See for yourself.

"The best of both worlds."
Karl Riener, owner of RIKA

Discover the benefits
Fuel recognition

Fully automatic
fuel recognition (wood or pellets)

Exclusive technology only available from RIKA. Depending on personal preference or availability, you can heat your stove
alternately with pellets or logs. Sit back and enjoy the romantic
flickering of a log fire and benefit simultaneously from convenient heating with pellets,
with no need for conversion or changeover. The efficiency of the combi stove is excellent with both

Your benefits:

  • The convenience of pellets and the cosy ambience of a log fire in a single stove
  • Fuel changeover even possible during the combustion process
  • Powerless operation possible in log mode
Touch display

Convenient control with touch display or SMS

Control your stove simply and intuitively. Whether it be with the touch display or with your mobile phone via SMS, the user-friendly interface allows you to maintain complete control.

Your benefits:

  • Intuitive and self-explanatory operation
  • Mobile control via SMS

Intelligent heat

Effective heating is a piece of cake with fully automatic combustion control and indication of the ideal time to add more fuel. Rikatronic³ offers the full range of comforts, saves money and protects the environment.

Your benefits:

  • Up to 50 %* lower wood consumption
  • Up to 90 % lower emission levels
  • Optimum convenience

*Compared with non-specialist manual operation

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Up to 50 % lower
wood consumption


wood consumption normal


Average wood consumption with Rikatronic³


for minimum effort

The patented, interval self-cleaning system minimises your amount of cleaning work. The automatic tipping grate extends the cleaning intervals.

Your benefits:

  • Minimum cleaning work
  • Longer heating periods
Combi stove checklist




  • Can be heated with both wood and pellets
  • Fully automatic fuel recognition (wood or pellets) without conversion
  • Control via touch display or away from home via mobile phone
  • Extremely quiet, continuously variable, screw conveyor motor in pellet mode
  • Self-cleaning for minimum effort
  • Natural heat distribution with no convection fan
  • No dust dispersal
  • Option: fully automatic control of room temperature with room sensor
  • Heating possible without power in log mode


  • Long lasting, high performance ignition
  • Odourless from the very first heating day
  • Heat-resistant, top-quality surface coating
  • High service quality with nationwide customer support
  • Long term spare parts provision

Important safety criteria

  • All safety-relevant parts are made from solid castings
  • Absolutely non-deforming and consequently permanently airtight cast doors